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Abridged Series


Ultimate Muscle:The Abridged Series


June 17, 2009-Present

Number of Episodes

4(As of November 7,2009)

Created By




dachamp21-Kid Muscle

ltknorr: Meat, Robin Mask

moonlight150: Terry Kenyon

slowolf88: Dik Dik Van Dik

KiraKennedy: Wally Tusket

SonicBlur13: King Muscle

CaptainHypersock: Buffaloman

Opening Edit

The opening for the series is Piledriver by Koko B. Ware from the WWF(E) Piledriver Album over the original opening.

Episodes Edit

Ultimate Muscle Abridged Ep. 1-Useless Exposition

Ultimate Muscle Abridged Ep 2: 1 Snake, 2 Snake, 3 Snake, 4.

Ultimate Muscle Abridged Ep. 3

Ultimate Muscle Abridged Ep. 4

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Well at least this one is.
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