Umineko The Abridged Series


May 13, 2010

# of Episodes

5 (as of 8/13/2010)


Umineko the Abridged series by LasagnaProductions, is currently at episode 5, and is the longest running Umineko Abridged on youtube by far. Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the original anime is a spiritual successor to the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Umineko Abridged started out being made with windows movie maker, but then was upgraded, and each episode is technologically better than the last. Umineko Abridged, while not being very popular yet, has somewhat of a growing following due to their persistency and sense of humor.

Technological ChangesEdit

Episode 1: windows movie maker, subbed clips, crappy mic

Episode 2: CyberlinkPowerDirector movie maker, subbed clips, semi crappy mic, black bars

Episode 3: CyberlinkPowerDirector movie maker, raw clips, great mic, no black bars, HD

Episode 4: CyberlinkPowerDirector movie maker, raw clips, brilliant mic, HD

Episode 5: CyberlinkPowerDirctor movie maker, raw clips, brilliant mic, improved voice acting, expanded cast, HD



thumb|left|300px|Episode 1

thumb|left|300px|Episode 2

thumb|left|300px|Episode 3

thumb|left|300px|Episode 4

thumb|300px|left|Episode 5

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