Welcome to the Belated Welcome!
Season 1, Episode 2 (1.1)
Air date 10/17/2009
Length 3:46
Created by CardboardLawyer
Written & Mixed by CardboardLawyer
Episode guide
Welcome to the Hell Hole!
Welcome to the Survival!

Main Article Edit

Welcome to the NHK Abridged (by CardboardLawyer)

CardboardLawyer's Episode Description Edit

"Wow, welcome to the first episode of the brand new abridged ser- wait a tick... this is the second episode! Damn I couldn't tell! I mean just wow. It feels, smells, and even tastes like a first episode! If this is a second episode why doesn't it make any understanding in my brain area? Oh well, screw it its out. Just pretend the plot is a sequel of the last movie you saw. I'm sure it will make more since that way."

Cast Edit

Highlights Edit

Misaki quote:

  • "The Hikikomori is on average twice as dumb as a dolphin…after having its brain smashed into what is 1% of canned tuna"

Satou quotes:

  • ”I’M GONNA STUFF YOUR CORPSE INTO ONE OF MY TALKING HOUSEHOLD ITEMS….Upon reviewing you, I don’t believe you’d fit in my refrigerator”
  • ”Son of a bitch, I thought I could change the past via flashback”

The ENDER segment claims that CardboardLawyer sold the rights to his life story to Will Smith, who turned it into a factual documentary called "The Fresh Prince of Bell Air".

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