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Whipmed is a writer, editor, and voice actor in the abridging community. He is best known for co-creating MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged.







YouTube Channel

History Edit

Whipmed started out in the abridging community in 2015 with the creation of MorningRamen and MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged, where he voice acts, edits, and writes. As MorningRamen's popularity grew, he began collaborating with other abridger's such as LeRoygendary and Earl of Bassington.

Projects Edit

  • MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged - Co-Creator, writer, editor
  • Abridged Eleven Go! Parody - Graphic editing, sound editing
  • AF's Dragon Ball Abridged #1 - Sound editing
  • Lupin the Third Abridged - Graphic editing
  • HA x HA - Editor (slated for episode 5)

Voice Work Edit

  • MorningRamen's Naruto Abridged - Shikamaru, Ninja Star Announcer, Addl. Voices
  • Hajime No Ippo the Abridged Series - Barfmichi
  • Abridged Eleven Go! Parody - Dalph Finn, Han
  • Abridge of the Zodiac - Roshi

Trivia Edit

  • Whipmed actually stands for a shortened version of Whip-Me-Daddy
  • Whipmed is gay actually
  • Whipmed and LeapingBass are best butt buddies.

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