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Omi Edit

A reoccuring joke with Omi is that he looks like Krillin.   He often refers to himself as 'the chosen one' and his body parts as 'the chosen body parts' IE; 'Get off my ankle, it is the chosen ankle.'

Clay Edit

Often makes comparative jokes that end with "at a rodeo".

Kimiko Edit

Introduced as "Spoiled brat-san".   Always on her phone.

Raimundo Edit

Introduced as "El smart-ass"

Wuya Edit

Big head, bigger ego. Calls her servants her bitches.

Master FungEdit

Dojo Edit

Jack Spicer Edit

Spoilt brat who complains about everything, including rich parents. - -'

Minor Edit


Just like the original, he is a ninja. In the version, he makes several Naruto references.

Sapphire Dragon Edit

It is a fan of the Blue Dragon anime.

Katnappe Edit

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