Xtravmon Edit

Xtravmon 2
Xtravmon is an amateur voice actor, and abridger known for creating Abridgital Monsters a parody of Digimon Adventure in which he hopes to finish season 1 and get into Adventure 2 if able. He has also a Hetalia Paint it white abridged one shot for Tiba called Hetalia Abridge it White

Roles Edit

Abridgital Monsters: Narrator, Tentomon, & Tsunamon

Hetalia Abridge it White:Canada

HA x HA :: Personal Pizza Reward # 2 :: feat. Leorio x Gon: Random guy yelling sellout

Treevier Edit

The name Xtravmon comes from The Digimon X-Veemon. He took x and thought of words that could be misspelled and use x nstead, and re spelled vmon.

Xtravmon is a fan of Mel Brooks movies and want's to in the future make an abridged series inspired by his works, but with a sports anime.

Xtravmon is a frequent convention goer, you may see him, and not know who he is because he doesn't share his photos with everyone.

Xtravmon hates other abridgers who make Digimon Parodies.

Xtravmon is respectful of all religions, except for Scientology

To Xtravmon, it never matters how hard you try.

Xtravmon loves Wendy's fast food.

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