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Yin Yang Yo The Abridged Series

Created By

Andrew Batchelor

Distribed By

PremierChannel TV Group

Air Date

25th August 2011


Andrew Batchelor

Ross Batchelor

Keillor Ammie

Stuart Batchelor (cameo)

Gillian Batchelor (cameo)

Georgia McLaggan

Rachel Walker

2nd Manager

Ross Batchelor

Number Of Episodes

55 (All 4 Series)


Carlos City, 2010


Written By

Jim Knight

Diercted By

Andrew Batchelor


1 Dollar Bill Productions

This show is related to Rachet And Clank Abridged (2012)

Yin Yang Yo The Abridged Series is a show created by PremierChannel and created by Andrew Batchelor coming next year (2011)


  • Yin (Andrew Batchelor)
  • Yang (?)
  • Yo (?)
  • Andrew (Andrew Batchelor)
  • Keillor (Keillor Ammie)
  • Georgia (Georgia McLaggan)
  • Patrick (Andrew Batchelor)
  • Yuck (Andrew Batchelor)
  • TBA (Rachel Walker)
  • Yo's Grandad (TBA)
  • Yo's Grandmother (TBA)

Yin Yang Yo Abridged Series (Old Logo)


  • Fish Dood
  • Hair Girl
  • Robot Yin
  • Robot Yang
  • Robot Yo (Maybe)
  • Chris Crockcroach
  • Monker
  • Hair Boy
  • Nightmare Man
  • Nightmare Woman
  • The Bogie Monster

Series 1 EpisodesEdit

For the wiki for this show go to

  1. The Rabbits
  2. Andy Babytots
  3. Fish Doods Return
  4. Yang In Wonderland
  5. The Plot
  6. The Dancing Queen
  7. Hair Wars
  8. Help Me
  9. Rabbits On Deck
  10. In Deck Jail
  11. The House Of Nightmares
  12. The Horror Of A Video Game
  13. Yo's Episode
  14. WooFoo Isn't Just Fighting, It's Magic Too
  15. Church Attack

Series 2 EpisodesEdit

  1. The Beast With A Billon Backs
  2. Carol's Super Evil Group
  3. Yo's Master
  4. Gotta Fellin'
  5. A Hurtful Fairytale
  6. A Fish's Story
  7. Evil Carl
  8. Killing Decks
  9. Wide Ranges
  10. A Old Friend
  11. The Planet Zoginthinham
  12. The Time Of The Hypnotoad
  13. Who Has Hair

Series 3 EpisodesEdit

  1. A Range Of Ideas
  2. On The Sea Again
  3. The Coldest Place On Earth
  4. Devils To Angels
  5. The Attack Of Heaven And Hell/Heaven v.s Hell
  6. Georgia's Choice
  7. The Tomb Of Hair Girl
  8. An Army Of Fish
  9. A Fish Life
  10. The Evil Of The Cats
  11. The Beast Returns
  12. Mess Of The City
  13. The Underwater Beast

Series 4 EpisodesEdit

  1. The New Enmey
  2. Monker's Reveange
  3. Monkey's In The Spooks
  4. Titanic
  5. Girl Of Hair
  6. Victory Of Hair Girl
  7. The Cats Of The Band
  8. Old Guy In The Mood
  9. Yuck Returns
  10. The Flesh Of A 7 Leaf Clover
  11. Ireland's Revenge
  12. Andy Come Here
  13. The Rule Of A Baby

Series 5 EpisodesEdit

Series 5 will be dated on 25th August 2010.

  1. The Death Of Yo
  2. Fighting For The Future
  3. The Battle Bots
  4. Fish Dood Strikes Again
  5. YouTube Yin
  6. Vampries Of Rome
  7. Yin's Choice
  8. The Freedom Of Death
  9. Nearly - The End
  10. YinteenYang

Series 5 - CastEdit

Yin - Andrew Batchelor

Yang - TBA

Yo - TBA

Coop - Andrew Batchelor

Night Master - TBA

Andrew - Andrew Batchelor

Holly - TBA

Yolo - TBA

Yuck - Andrew Batchelor


Yo's Grandad - TBA

Yo's Gran - TBA


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