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Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX: Abridged Generation X is an Abridged Series created by Sephirex. It's the first Abridged Series to be based on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X-005:56

Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X-0

History Edit

Sephirex was an AMV creator who was inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series and Naruto Abridged. Seeing people starting to make their own Abridged Series, he wanted to at least try to do something similar. He soon
Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X (Episode 2)05:54

Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X (Episode 2)

created Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX in late November 2006. The original intent was for it to be a one-shot,
Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X (Episode 4)05:56

Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X (Episode 4)

an experiment just to try voice acting for the first time. His first episode, due to the abysmal sound quality since this was his first time voice acting, wasn't well recieved by most. Some people, however, did like it and he wanted to improve, so he created a second episode soon after. The reception for it was slightly better. Sephirex then decided to do a 3rd Episode and committed himself to the series. AGX has been continuing ever since. The latest episode is Episode 29, airing on October 3, 2016.

The name Edit

Many people think that the name of this series is odd considering it was the first GX Abridged. The reason why is because Sephirex didn't like the name of his series being too generic like any other Abridged Series at the time. He was thinking of changing it to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series before his first episode, but didn't because he never intended it to be an on going series (Hence why the first ep doesn't have Episode 1 in the title),
Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X (Episode 5)06:43

Yu-Gi-Oh! AGX Abridged Generation X (Episode 5)

and because of the aforementioned reason that he didn't like the generic name.

Fan Contributions Edit

One of the interesting things about AGX is that, especially in early episodes after episode 1, fan contribution has been vital to the series. Sephirex has openly made an effort to listen and consider jokes from fans to use. Many jokes have been used from the fans and are sometimes fan favorites. For example the running gag of the character Dr Banner as The Incredible Hulk is a popular joke among fans of the series. It was originally suggested by MetalMadness122 after Sephirex made his first episode and has been an on going joke ever since. Even now, Sephirex takes fan jokes to be considered via the Forum for his Abridged Series called the AGX Corner

Controversy Edit

Ever since Abridged Series became popular, many purists who are extremely faithful to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (fanboys) have been extremely hostile to most abridgers who use jokes even slightly or conveniently similar to jokes used by LittleKuriboh. Since he was abridging Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Sephirex was surely no exception. While Sephirex admits to using some LittleKuriboh jokes in his first 5 episodes to compensate for his own lack of writing experience (AGX was his first time writing scripts), he was merely refencing the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged since GX/AGX is a spin-off of it. Some jokes weren't referencing Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, but even the die-hard fanboys continue to see it as such. For example, in Episode 12 of AGX, people accused him of "stealing" off LittleKuriboh for the sole reason that he referenced Star Wars and LittleKuriboh had coincidentally referenced Star Wars earlier. Also in Episode 7, Sephirex made the joke "Screw your money, I have rules!", a play on LittleKuriboh's "Screw The Rules, I have money!". Sephirex made this joke months before LittleKuriboh later used it in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Movie. Some people have gone after Sephirex for that regardless, although the backlash was lessened because the video had been taken down by Youtube before LittleKuriboh used the joke. These are just such examples of many accusations. Sephirex typically stopped caring for these claims and constantly makes fun of the "Rabid Purist Fanboys."

After Sephirex finished his first 5 Episodes he refrained using/referencing LK and made more original jokes since he'd had a bit of experience in writing his scripts. He still does reference the YGO:TAS when appropriate, such as when he used "The Card Game Channel" reference in Episode 22 since he made half the episode seem like a TV program.

Without Yugi Edit

Sephirex was briefly mentioned in LittleKuriboh's Without Yugi Music Video. The video made a joke insult at Sephirex and certain other abridgers that was never meant to be taken seriously. Sephirex was pretty surprised he was mentioned as he was not consulted about it, but he didn't mind. He immediately realized it as a joke and never took it seriously, and LK even assured him of this later. However, the faithful fanboys took it the jokes made at the abridgers seriously. Many people became aware of Sephirex's existance after that video and the many fanboys continued with the "attacks" on his videos and his profile at a more rapid rate and also did this to almost every Abridger mentioned in the video. There was good that came out of this for Sephirex, however, since many of the new viewers did like his series. He ended up gaining 20 subscribers over night, which came as a shock to him. While Sephirex isn't too caring about how high his subscriber count is, he enjoyed being able to have more people laugh to his videos.

Rants Edit

Like some Abridgers, Sephirex has voiced his opinion on certain controversial topics such as Homosexuality and 4/20 and drugs through his video segments separate from AGX called Sephirex Rants. The segment has been quite popular as many people have voiced their own opinion in response to the what was said in the video. This could be considered an extention to Sephirex's Live Journal where Sephirex talks about his life and thoughts but isn't viewed by many.

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