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Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged




04/22/2007 - present




History Edit

This series started while Lanipator was recovering from a rugby injury. After seeing some of the abridged series on YouTube, he decided to try (In particular he thanked LittleKuriboh, MasakoX and Vegeta3986 for inspiration).

Production Edit

Uses a converter box to dump the DVD into the computer.

Series Humor Edit

The show's humor is based mostly around its characters, rather than some other abridged series whose comedy comes from the absurdity of the show itself. Most of the main characters in YYHA are more emotional and dynamic versions of the characters in the actual Yu Yu Hakusho, though villians and minor characters are usually changed significantly. The natural conflict between the different personalities of the original show is the source of comedy in the abridged version. However, there are plenty of jokes about the strangeness of the Yu Yu Hakusho world as well.

Common JokesEdit

  • Neighborhood Watch Committee.
  • Spirit World briefings lacking all information.
  • Children coming to assist Yusuke (while saying they don't know of the child labor laws).
  • Kuwabara's not gay!
  • Peep!
  • Yusuke dancing to "Another Irish Drinking Song."
  • Poems with Hiei
  • Rapping with Rando
  • "Finger Bang!"
  • " my BOOM STICK!!!"
  • Keiko's obsession with Yusuke, even though he clearly has no feelings for/despises her.
  • Kuwabara telling Yusuke to "Shut the hell up, Urameshi!" when the latter makes fun of him (usually about him being gay).

Hiatus and FundraiserEdit

From February 2009 to 2010, Lanipator temporarily discontinued the series. He stated in a video that his computer was malfunctioning. The main problem was that the computer's RAM was "completely fried" and could barely run 2 programs. It was believed by his friends that the cooling system was the problem. Lanipator later held a fundraiser (in particular ebay auctions). The list was as follows:

  • Yu Yu Hakusho Box set signed by Kyle Hebert
  • Berserk Box Set
  • The remnants of his Final Fantasy Unlimited collection
  • A Yusuke Action Figure signed by who Lanipator believes to be Justin Cook

Lanipator explained that, depending on the amount of money a person donated to him, he would ring the person up to thank them or hand them a GUESS WHO IT IS T-Shirt signed by him and some of the Team Four Star Members. He also went on to say that anyone who contributed to the fundraiser would have their Youtube name read off in the credits of Yu Yu Hakusho Abriged Episode 17. More information is provided on his blog, Lanipwned.

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