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Voice Acting Rolls

WWASE Episode 2 "Negima" - PalaceDawsonAbridged - Honoka

School Days The One Shot - GENESISCentral1- Makoto, Rin (Co-Creator, Co-Writer)

SHUFFLE Abridged Episode 1 - GENESISCentral1 - Rin (Co-Creator, Co-writer)

WWASE Episode 3 "Karin" - PalaceDawsonAbridged - Anzu, Ren

School ABRumble Episode 1 - GENESISCentral1 - Kenji Harima, Tennouji, Random Kid, Random Teacher 1 & 2 (Cowriter, Creator)

Best Student Council Abridged - YoshinoVA - Paparazzi Club Members 1 & 2

WWASE Episode 5 "Digimon" - PalaceDawsonAbridged - Tai, Gabumon, Joe (Writer)

Naruto The Homosexual Parody Episode 2 - PalaceDawsonAbridged - Mizuki

RandomYori's Naruto Abridged - RandomYori (Creator) InfiniteHime (Uploader) - Iruka Sensei

The Malicious Adventures of Light Yagami - DinosaurCardsFTW, RandomYori, GENESISCentral1 (Left project) (Co-writer, Co-Creator LEFT PROJECT)

WWASE Episode 8 "Rosario + Vampire" - GENESISCentral1 - Saizo, Teacher, Bat, (Editor, Writer)

SHUFFLE Abridged Episode 2 - GENESISCentral1 - Rin, Mayumi, King of the Gods, King of the Demons, Extras (Co-Creator, Co-Writer)

WWASE Episode 9 "Panty and Stocking" - GENESISCentral1 - Stocking, (Editor)

Tenkai Knights The Abridged Series:  Narrator, Original Bravenwolf, Random Parts, Chooki
Blue Z

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